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South: Obamaland

Washington, DC in July is hot and humid and while the heat may be unbearable, it makes up for it with fantastic neoclassical architecture, museums and Obama. First time I visited DC I had an hour and half to breeze through the art gallery, this visit, I had a bit more time so it was off to see the natural history museum (and the white house). I totally thought I could see more. wrong. I blame the sun. oh well, I’ll visit again….in the fall.

I also had the sad misfortune of dropping my camera right before I left for this trip. At the time I thought I had gotten lucky, that my camera had come out of it unscathed. Unfortunately my lens suffered a slight misalignment that made the focusing mechanism less than accurate. I ended up shooting with it anyway but not as much as I would have liked. The results were quite pleasing (despite my frustration and sadness at the time) with one side of most of my shots out of focus, some completely blurry. They might not be perfect but I almost (almost!) wish I never got my lens fixed and tried to use its broke-ness to my creative advantage.

South: Obamaland, a set on Flickr.