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West Coast: Vancouver

The ancient feel of the forests, its wildlife and the wonderful people are some of my favorite things about Vancouver. Some of these were taken by my boyfriend but I loved them so much I had to share.

Slowly coming back to this place after such a long hiatus – been working and traveling here and there….marathoning through entire shows on Netflix…you know, the usual – Hoping to share some great shots and fond memories of the past few months as I edit my way through them though! This is, of course, my epilogue/diversion/excuse for yet another post of Vancouver from over a year ago (I swear the next post will be from sometime this year! PROMISE.)


South: Obamaland

Washington, DC in July is hot and humid and while the heat may be unbearable, it makes up for it with fantastic neoclassical architecture, museums and Obama. First time I visited DC I had an hour and half to breeze through the art gallery, this visit, I had a bit more time so it was off to see the natural history museum (and the white house). I totally thought I could see more. wrong. I blame the sun. oh well, I’ll visit again….in the fall.

I also had the sad misfortune of dropping my camera right before I left for this trip. At the time I thought I had gotten lucky, that my camera had come out of it unscathed. Unfortunately my lens suffered a slight misalignment that made the focusing mechanism less than accurate. I ended up shooting with it anyway but not as much as I would have liked. The results were quite pleasing (despite my frustration and sadness at the time) with one side of most of my shots out of focus, some completely blurry. They might not be perfect but I almost (almost!) wish I never got my lens fixed and tried to use its broke-ness to my creative advantage.

South: Obamaland, a set on Flickr.

West Coast: Vancouver Island

Adventure time!! is what Greg and I did back in September and boy, did we have one hell of a time. Two weeks of non-stop road trips, hiking mountains, biking around the city, caving, kayaking, exploring and overindulging on breakfast nooks around the downtown core. It was a fantastic trip, even more so because it was Greg’s first time (excluding international) traveling outside our comfy but very mountain-less province of Ontario and I’ll write for him that he loved it! Everything from the real mountains (I’m looking at you Blue), the salty ocean and the designated bike lanes. I’m just going to put it out there, the West coast is where the heart is, even with the East coast putting up a good case of the “love me!”, my heart will remain in the west. That is until the East decides to bust out their ultimate weapon of mass cuteness, monsieur puffin, then all bets are off.

For more pictures check out my Flickr…

East Coast: Newfoundland Pt. 2

We visited Cape Spear (so foggy!) where besides the lighthouse there are some really cool army barracks from the war that you can walk through. Throughout our trip up the east coast we camped out just about anywhere, one night being on cliff near Bonavista. We also made some friends along the way, my favorite being the puffins or otherwise known as “Monsieur Pouffe” in some circles (Kristin and I exclusively). Fun fact: A puffin’s beak is colourful only when it is mating season, otherwise its beak is black.

Testin’ tablets


Yes, I do realize my Newfoundland pictures are long overdue and they are coming soon I swear!

In other news I broke my camera lens (boo!!) so in the mean time I have recently traded in my old (barely used) intous4 tablet for the new intous5. I am trying to get used to the functions I never really got used to in the first place (I love my sketchbook too much). Although the new multi-touch feature is an absolute dream for my work process as I no longer have to keep flipping between the tablet and my keyboard. The new rubberized texture to the tablet allows the pen to have that “real pen on real paper” feel so my sketching on this thing has improved marginally – I looked for some sketch ages i saved when i first started using a tablet but no such luck 😦 but I have included a page of my test sketches because who doesn’t like pretty ladies/monks???



Off to the East

In a few days I will be setting off on a  journey to Newfoundland & Labrador with a close friend and I cannot be more stoked! This trip has been a long time coming as I have never set foot/tire past Quebec and I cannot contain my excitement as I think about all the culture, landscapes and people awaiting me. I am finding it difficult to not pack my bag right now and wait by the door like an eager puppy for Friday to arrive.  On the creative side of things, I am absolutely dying to shoot some landscapes while I’m there and try to hone my “people shots” as I still panic whenever I try to take a shot of some passerby. I always end up pretending to take a shot of a street light or wall when I catch someone’s eye and embarrassingly walk (run) away.

Takin’ you for a spin

I am a little apprehensive about blogging/phlogging or whatever one may call it. The thoughts running through my head are typical “what do I really have to say?”, “Is anyone going to care?” and most importantly “Am I really going to post frequently enough to make it worth it or is procrastination going to get the best of me?” In any case, I am too intrigued by the whole idea to put this off any longer. While I cannot promise that I will post every day/week/month, I am going to try and promise that the content will be remain inspirational, exploratory and down right fascinating (at least for myself). Well, having fulfilled my reason for creating this post (need something to look at when choosing themes) I bid thee adieu! Happy spinning 😉