Takin’ you for a spin

I am a little apprehensive about blogging/phlogging or whatever one may call it. The thoughts running through my head are typical “what do I really have to say?”, “Is anyone going to care?” and most importantly “Am I really going to post frequently enough to make it worth it or is procrastination going to get the best of me?” In any case, I am too intrigued by the whole idea to put this off any longer. While I cannot promise that I will post every day/week/month, I am going to try and promise that the content will be remain inspirational, exploratory and down right fascinating (at least for myself). Well, having fulfilled my reason for creating this post (need something to look at when choosing themes) I bid thee adieu! Happy spinning 😉



  1. k c

    calina, i noticed you’re following me (so sneaky!) and i wanted to drop by with some encouragement. i’m totally stoked to see your adventures photographed. the one in this post is incredible, and the one above of newfoundland only makes my desire to get out there even stronger. hope you’re having so much fun and taking soooooo many photos! xoxo

    • calinafh

      Thanks for the encouragement Kris!! It’s wonderful to hear as I love reading your blog whenever I get a chance because how inspired I feel afterwards. I really hope to get more into posting and advertising my thoughts and ideas! I hope to post my trip out east soon though as well as a design project too! I recommend Newfoundland over and over as it is such a pleasant island with wonderfully friendly people! GO!!

      PS. the fonts are MLB astros (big&bold one) & Mensch

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